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99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding

99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding

99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding
99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding 99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding

Large Image :  99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: shaanxi,China
Brand Name: ChenFeng
Model Number: CF-hgh growth homone

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1box
Price: Depend on Quantity
Delivery Time: 1-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000box/month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Hgh Growth HOmeone Appearance: White Fine Powder
Assay: 99% HPLC Certificate: Gmp,Hse,ISO 9001,USP
Sample: Available Grade: Phamaceutical Grade
Specification: 2iu,4iu,6iu,8iu,10iu/vial Application: Bodybuilding
SHelf Life: 2 Years Proper Storage
High Light:

ISO 9001 HGH Growth Hormone


10IU HGH Growth Hormone


99 Purity HGH 191aa Somatropin

Wholesale best injections hgh growth hormone hgh 191aa Jintropin somatropine hgh for Human bodybuilding


Product Description:

Spec: 2IU,4IU,8IU,10IU are avaliable

Packaging: 10iu/vial, 10vials/box

Purity: >99%

Appearance: White Powder


Product Name: HGH
CAS No.: 12629-01-5
MF: C990H1529N263O299S7
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Purity >99%
Specification 10iu/vial, 10vials/box
Brand Name ChenFeng



Hgh growth hormone is the anterior pituitary growth hormone (hGH), growth hormone (GH) containing eosinophilic granular secretory cells secrete, consisting of 191 amino acid peptide hormone.This product is made by genotype secretion of recombinant e. coli expression technology in the production of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH), the amino acid content and sequence of growth hormone are exactly the same with people.This product is in escherichia coli (e.c. with our fabrication: oli) in the composite.Synthesis was conducted by former hormone (prehormone).The former hormone is by nature exists in bacteria, growth hormone, which is connected with signal peptide.Hormone split in the bacterial cell wall, before release and natural growth hormone is exactly the same end products into the wall of the intermembrane space, and then destroy the cell walls to collect, only the intact cell wall, to ensure the end products rarely bacterial protein pollution


99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding 0



Low secretory type gene recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) the role of endogenous growth hormone is the same with the human body, stimulate the epiphyseal cartilage cell differentiation, proliferation and stimulate growth cartilage stromal cell, stimulate the osteoblast proliferation, differentiation, linear growth caused by acceleration and bone width.Promote the whole body protein synthesis, the corrective surgery, trauma after negative nitrogen balance, correct severe infection and cirrhosis of the liver caused by hypoalbuminemia.Stimulate the synthesis of immunoglobulin, lymphoid tissue, macrophages and lymphocyte proliferation, enhance ability to resist infection;Stimulate collagen cells burn wounds and surgical incision synthetic fiber cells, macrophages ales, accelerate wound healing, promote muscle protein synthesis, increase myocardial contraction force, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, adjust fat metabolism, reduce the levels of serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (ldl-c);Compensatory growth hormone deficiency or the lack of regulation of adult fat metabolism, bone metabolism, heart kidney function.


How does hgh work ?

HGH secretion in the pituitary gland is primarily stimulated and regulated by the hormones Ghrelin, growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH} – somatocrinin, and growth hormone inhibiting hormone (GHIH) – somatostatin.

The main target organ of growth hormone is the liver and basically the most important function of HGH is stimulation through the JAK-STAT signaling pathway of IGF-1 production (insulin growth factor 1) in the liver. Endogenous protein hormone IGF-1, produced in the liver as an endocrine hormone and also directly in target tissues paracrine / autocrine hormone, is responsible for the overall anabolic processes in the body, cell growth, proliferation and regeneration, promotes growth effects on almost all cells in the body, especially skeletal muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, nerves, skin, hematopoietic and lung cells. IGF-I may also regulate cellular DNA synthesis; and in the brain, IGF-1 functions as a neurotrophic factor that, like BDNF, plays an important role in the cognition, neurogenesis, and survival of neurons.


Hgh growth hormone Dosage:


The first month use 2 IU for injection every other day
2nd – 4th month of use 3 IU for injection for 5 days a week
5th – 6th month of using 4 IU for injection for 5 days a week


Effects and benefits of growth hormone

Most of the effects generally attributed to HGH are in fact due to IGF-1, whose production in the liver is stimulated by HGH:

Growth hormone stimulates the growth of all internal organs except the brain
Growth hormone increases protein synthesis
Growth hormone supports the growth (hyperplasia) and regeneration of muscle tissue
Growth hormone promotes lipolysis, increases fat utilization by stimulating the degradation and oxidation of triglycerides in adipocytes
Growth hormone promotes whole body regeneration, wound healing and tissue regeneration
Growth hormone increases calcium retention and bone mineralization
Growth hormone plays an important role in homeostasis
Growth hormone supports the immune system
Growth hormone promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver
Growth hormone increases the deodination of T4 to T3
Growth hormone promotes emotional well-being and maintains high energy levels
Growth hormone improves brain function (including learning and memory)
Growth hormone can reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease
Joint and muscle pain
Fluid retention
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Increased possible risk of diabetes
The use of rHGH can suppress the inherent production of endogenous hGH in the pituitary gland


99% Purity 10IU HGH Growth Hormone HGH 191aa Somatropin For Human Bodybuilding 1


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